coconut charcoal from indonesia

Five coals for hookah heating on the stove.

Agrodale is the most leading factory to produce coconut charcoal from indonesia. Founded in 2004, started by seeing the full potential of un-recycled waste from coconut plantations. Agrodale aims to tackle the huge amount of un-recycled waste coconut shells endangering our environment.

As the global manufacturer of premium coconut charcoal briquettes, We understand that the key to satisfying our customers is meeting and exceeding their expectations. From coconuts to the final briquette, we monitor quality at every stage of production.

The reliability and integrity of our product is the main concern of Agrodale. We use premium materials in our products to provide superior quality while keeping the production costs competitive with other competitors in the market.

We’ve been producing charcoal briquettes for more than ten years, and we’re not stopping anytime soon to reach our goal to be the number one provider in this product area, coconut charcoal briquettes are always the heart of our efforts to innovate.

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